A simplistic insight paradigm that rocks: "jobs to be done"

The "jobs to be done" or "products hired to do the job"
 paradigm seems very old. But something strange
 happens when you rather use the question "what job
 does the product do for them?" instead of "what do
 they want?" or "what is their benefit?".

 Soon I will post something about how this paradigm
 leads to different results compared to benefit-thinking or
 consumer-expectations-thinking. Listening to this talk
 helps to get a first understanding for this very simple
 but effective way of thinking.

Here is a link to a short article in HBR: article

An here is a link to Professor Christensen's book on how innovation becomes successful when jobs-to-be-done-thinking is applied:
The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth