Strategy Quotations (3)

"Corporate strategy thus implies an attempt to alter a company's strength relative to that of  its competitors in the most efficient way. Of course, the condition of the business itself can be improved by reference to absolute criteria. For example, a company may seek to reduce the costs of its products by using value engineering  or seek  to improve its cash flow by shortening  the collection periods of receivables. (...)
These "operational" improvements can be regarded as a part of business strategy.
I believe, however, that it will make for clearer thinking if we reserve the term 'strategy' for actions aimed directly at altering  the strength of the enterprise relative to that of the competitors."
                                                        - from The Mind of the Strategist - by Kenichi Ohmae

Strategy Quotations (2) - B2B CRM

"When we look at loyalty programs and we’ve done them as well, it is our operating theory that the thing that drives loyalty as strong as or stronger than anything else is the ability for us to help our customers make money. Where there are many schemes for measuring loyalty, we rather think the most powerful way to engage our customers in this kind of conversation is better served by talking to them about their ability to make money." 
                                                  — Bob Harlan, Director of Business Insights, Owens Corning 

Strategy Quotations (1)

"There is always a leading competitor in any area. The classic segmentation forces that specific competitor to choose between parts of the segment. If he chooses either alternative, he must abandon the rest or serve it at a loss."
                                                                   - Segmentation and Strategy, Seymour Tilles, 1974