Single-minded Propositions vs. Brand Sustainability

I got inspired watching a documentary about the nature of money & currencies. An economist who develops new currencies for the world quoted an insight from sustainability research:

"While efficiency is highly appreciated in our world, it's not very good for the sustainability of a system if it goes too far." In his field this means that different, only partially exchangeable currencies would make the financial systems more sustainable and crisis-resistent.

So I just transformed the diagram he has drawn to explain this into one that is rather about brands and their sustainability. So if we see brands rather as "meaning systems" and not as "meaning points" the curve goes like this:

Brand sustainability is highest when there's enough diversity in the brand's "meaning layers". Single-mindedness as an absolute goal of brands kills them in the long run.  

Well, obviously, this is merely hearsay and just a hypothesis. But it's nice to see it as a simple curve.

Tell me what you think...